Phone cases can be beautiful too.

When we all had our Nokia 3330s having a case for your phone was no more than a fashion statement; the phones were rock solid anyway, and we weren’t bothered about a little scratch on our screen.

Now though with big and beautiful touchscreens everywhere, and shiny aluminium edgings, having a protective shell for your little slab of techy goodness is more of a necessity! The last thing you want is a bunch of scuff marks all over that beautiful aluminium backing, or a crack on your screen. Perish the thought!

I have a problem with a lot of phone cases though, because a lot of manufacturers will opt for protection over style, and I suppose that is understandable. After all, you don’t want a phone case that doesn’t protect your phone, do you? But the thing is, it is possible to blend form and function together, and it can be done very well indeed.

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim ArmorSpigen have come up with a really functional and beautiful case design that’s colourful, and does a really good job of protecting your gadget too. The name Slim Armor is spot on. It’s very slim, meaning you’re not adding unnecessary bulk to your device and the protection quality of this case is top notch. I bought one back in February when I took delivery of my iPhone 5s, and I certainly haven’t been disappointed.

The colour frames are interchangeable so if you get sick of blue (you won’t) or if it cracks (it won’t), you can simply buy a new colour frame and slip it on.

Spigen have done a sterling job of not only making the cases very functional, but so damn beautiful too! Of course, these are a bit more pricey than your £4 off-the-shelf cases, but the extra cash is worth it for quality and beauty. When I got mine it was around £18, but looks like they’re retailing at about £14 now.


Pantone cases

pantone-pantone-universe-iphone-5-5s-case-atlantic-p103000-43795_zoom[1]The people at Case Scenario have teamed up with Pantone to create a range of beautiful cases. As a designer who sees the pantone universe as my “bible”, this was an instant hit for me, and it’s on my christmas list. Atlantic deep, please ;) *hint hint*

They come in a range of pantone colours including: High Risk Red, Crimson, Imperial Purple and Total Eclipse (black).

As a case, it doesn’t seem as protective as the slim armor by Spigen, but I’m only basing that on the fact that the Slim Armor is a wraparound case that covers everything, where as the pantone case is more of a shell. Either way, it’s just beautiful. I must have one. At nearly £35 though, they’re a bit pricey.

So this just goes to show, it is possible to create a beautiful and solid phone case design that stands aside from some of your bog-standard cases with over the top graphics and “bumper bulk”.

In conclusion, for Christmas I wouldn’t mind an “Atlantic Deep” pantone case. Thanks! <3 xx

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