Okay, that’s enough winter now please.

I promise I will never complain about how hot it is in Summer, ever again!

Winter used to be my favourite time of year. I used to love going outside in the crisp, cold air; the sky clear, the sun shining down but doing nothing apart from providing light that danced off the frosty leaves. I’M OVER IT.

I don’t know when this transformation happened, but Winter has suddenly became my least favourite season. That’s annoying, because Christmas is in Winter (for us northern hemisphere people anyway) and I love Christmas.

10534953_836882146324307_2123070395_n[1]Right now though, I’m longing for the sunshine, bright mornings, long evenings, and heading to the beach with friends. There’s a shot I took when I last visited the beach a few months ago. This was at about 8pm, and it was still around 26 degrees; we took a cooler with a bunch of Crabbies cider, some snacks, music and just sat there for hours.

Summer is just amazing. Everyone just seems to be much happier in themselves, and in turn that makes me happier. This time of year (Winter), everyone is complaining about the cold (me included), the rain, the hailstone, and how Christmas is “so expensive”.

Although we do get rain and sometimes hail during our Summer months here in the UK, it doesn’t matter. Why? Well because it’s just a nicer time of year in general, and if we have to endure a few days of continuous rain to see one perfect weekend with 30 degree heat we will do just that!

Music sounds better too! By far, the biggest anthem of my Summer this year was a relatively unknown track by a group called Mausi, titled “My friend has a swimming pool”. This is just one big slab of summer vibe, condensed in to 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

I plan to do an awful lot more with my Summer this year, I’m going to cherish every moment of it. I love you, Summer. Let’s never leave each other. In fact, lets get married and have loads of babies! x


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