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I set up a blog!

So I went and did it. I’ve been meaning for a long time to set up a proper blog. Now, I say proper blog because for a very long time now I’ve had a pretty successfuly Tumblr blog which is totally unlinked from me. It’s a secret blog where I post things about love, life, relationships and the like, so you may understand why I chose to keep it secret. If you manage to find it, I’ll PayPal you £50. (1 winner only, terms & conditions apply)

This blog is going to be different, however. This is going to be a place where I can actually start keeping track of what I get up to in life, and if that somehow interests you then that’s great! If not, well that’s cool too. It’s mainly something for me to look back on in 20 years and think “Good god! What was I thinking with that haircut!”

The type of content you can expect to find here will range from Astronomy related stuff, the latest Tech, web & graphic design, all the way to music and the like. So nothing that hasn’t already been done.

If you want you can learn a bit more about me, or continue clicking through :)

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