Gifts for him, gifts for her…

My office at Christmas
My office at Christmas

So if you haven’t noticed by now it’s Christmas.

Now, I love everything about Christmas. The lights, the colourful decorations, the Christmas markets, and spending time with all the people I love. In fact, just to show you how much I love Christmas, to the right is a picture of the office I work in. This year, I spent £100 on Christmas decorations just because I wanted to spread the festivities!

I love giving gifts too. I’m much better at giving than I am receiving, in fact it’s completely flipped around to how it was when I was a kid:

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see what Santa brought

– Little Davey circa 1994

Can’t wait to give X their present! Crap, I gotta wait a whole week! noooo!

- Big Davey 2014

I just think this is a wonderful time of year filled with love, and friendship and guilt free amaretto at 11am.

Now, this isn’t a Christmas rant, this is an all year round thing. I hate the whole “Gifts for her” and “Gifts for him” sections of shops and online stores. I just don’t see the point! A gift, is a gift, is a gift. Just because you’ve got a digital camera for sale that’s pink doesn’t mean it’s a gift for her.

Can we just stop now? Can we stop with all the “Men only like gadgets and women only like pink things” crap. It’s 2014.

Attention to the online shopper: If you’re looking for a gift whether it be Christmas or Birthday, the second you click “for him” or “for her”, you’ve lost!

I’m not telling you what you should buy. If indeed your other half wants a set of pink hair straighteners, that’s fine. But don’t just do it because it’s a “gift for her”. On the flip side of that, ladies; Don’t just go down the “gift for him” range, get something you know they’ll love because they’ll love it; not because it’s a “mans gift”.

This goes double for parents too. Don’t just get your little girl a doll, and your son some toy cars or something. If your boy wants to play with dolls, that’s fine. Similarly, if your girl wants to play with an electronics kit that’s great too.

Anyway, that’s all. Just something that irks me a little.

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