My Bucket List


So about a year ago, I decided I was going to put together a bucket list. But then I got so distracted by actually doing interesting things that I didn’t finish making my list! So for now I only have one item on my list. Update: I’ve started adding stuff!

  1. Add items to bucket list.
  2. Attend Sensation in Amsterdam (Completed July 2011)
  3. Ride a motorbike from Liverpool to Magadan in Russia.
  4. Visit friends in Canada, USA and Australia.
  5. Get to the front page of Imgur.
  6. Attend tomorrow world.
  7. Actually finish making a song. I’ve got loads all half done.
  8. Find “The One”.
  9. Take a ride on the “vomit comet” (The Zero G plane for those that are wondering)
  10. Buy (not rent) a house.
  11. Ride every roller coaster in the country, at least once.
  12. Finally go to Glastonbury.
  13. Fly a plane.
  14. Smooth things over with anyone I’ve ever hurt.
  15. Visit Møns Klint in Denmark

When I get some more ambition, I’ll add more items.